Thursday, September 22, 2011

Hot Lips Pizza!

I had been craving a good slice of pizza lately. So, I got me one. 

Hot Lips Pizza is amaaaahhhzing. HLP is right down the street from the property so I tried it out for lunch. They have daily specials by the slice and you can also make your own. 

Hot Lips has pizza, beer, wine and real fruit soda that they make themselves. 

This was the Spicy Tomato and Queso Fresco. Buuuueeenno. 

Yumm-o... it was hard to choose between blackberry, strawberry, pear, boysenberry, and the list goes on! I think my total was $6 even... can't complain about that!

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  1. Nice!! BTW: I'm an official follower now. Love ya and miss ya.