Monday, February 13, 2012

Photos and Such!

Happy Valentine's Day week, party people! I had such an amazing weekend at home [still weird calling Florida home, but I'm getting used to it].

I really suck at posting pictures for the February Photo Challenge but I'm pretty good at taking the pictures! I just forget to post... so here we go:

Day 9: Front Door

Here's our front door of our new place in Florida! Palm trees in the front and back. I'll take it ;)

Day 10: Self Portrait

Oh hey, there I am! We had a parade last week and I wore the monkey head for a while. It smells terrible inside of that monkey head so I don't recommend doing that.

Day 11: Makes You Happy

Waking up to Curb Your Enthusiasm on TV and my sweet man putting together our nightstands. And just being at home really makes me happy :)

Day 12: Inside Your Closet

Here's a peek in the ole closet today. Let's make a toast to my last week of being a travel broad!

Day 13: Blue

Ahhhh the pretty blue at the property I'm visiting. I want to jump in reaaaal bad.

Have you ever been to Ruth's Chris? Gregg took me there on Friday and OMG it was so amazing and veryyy romantic. Do yourself a favor and drop hints to your man that you really want to go :)

Happy Valentine's Day!!! [tomorrow, but I'm just so excited!]

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