Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Love Day!

Happy Valentine's Day, People! I love this holiday, single or coupled up. One of my favorite Valentine's Day was with my friend Lauren. We were both single and we went out for cocktails, dinner, pedicures and a movie! It was seriously so much fun... so this holiday is what you make of it.

However, I feel lucky in love today [okay, and every day]. This past weekend, GL went above and beyond for Valentine's Day [since I'm not in town this week] and this upcoming weekend, we're going to my family's lake house [one of my favorite places in the world] for a Vday Retreat! [happy, happy!]

Photo Challenge Day 14: ♥

Went to dinner last night and there were hearts everywhere so today's challenge was not hard!

Hope everyone has a lovely day and make sure you tell someone you love them ♥ XOXO