Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Last Supper

Last night was my last official night in Hattiesburg! I have a new job and will no longer be the travel broad. Although, I'm sure I'll still travel quite a bit.. and probably to better places than Hattiesburg [sorry, Hburg!]

A to Z Pinot Gris. Love me some Portland wines!

Back at Cork, even though the service is terrible and they never have the right food.

I want this serveware!!! That's mainly why I took the picture.. it was mediocre salsa and hummus but I want that serveware for all the awesome parties I'm going to throw. Boom.

I've met some amazing people and visited some of the coolest places. I'm so thankful and lucky and I've learned so much from this experience. Most of my knowledge applies to airport ettiquette and that's something I'll need forever. So, don't go in front of me during the security screening. I will most likely be fully undressed behind you and tapping my foot because you're taking too long.

Adios Hattiesburg & ACC - it's been real!

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