Monday, November 14, 2011

A Weekend in the Bus

My trip to "The Bus" to see Saucy was awesome! I'm still a little exhausted but in some ways, I feel exhilarated! I didn't get as many pictures as I'd hoped but I'll try to break down my weekend for my lovely followers :)

On Friday, Saucy and I caught up over a glass or three of red wine. It's my absolute favorite thing to do with friends I haven't seen in a while! Also, it's my favorite thing to do alone in my hotel room..

Saucy lives in Downtown Columbus so we stopped for lunch at Betty's. We split the veggie melt and the pumpkin chili and it was amaaaazing! I love anything pumpkin. 

We stopped by this place called Jeni's and ohhmaaahgaaahhh.

This ice cream is amazing and there is a Jeni's in Nashville! Do yourself a favor and click on this to see all of the awesome and unique flavors they have. Including "Salty Caramel" and "Whiskey and Pecans". SO GOOD!

After we successfully stuffed our faces, we finally started shopping! I ended up with my new favorite comfy sweater, much like Cameron's below:

Yeah and my legs are long and lean like hers too..... not.

And I finally got a leopard scarf...

My scarf is sheer and faaabulous!

We started our night off with maaargs :)

Daaaance party!

You had to be there for this haha

Saucy and Leigh.. miss you friend!

Who knows?! Such a fun weekend :)

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