Sunday, November 27, 2011

Best Wine Bar in Dallas

I've had a much needed week of relaxation and I am quite sad to see it come to an end tomorrow. Traveling every week really takes it out of you so I can't describe how amazing it was just to visit with family and friends, with no worries of getting home to do laundry and pack. 

However, before I came home to Tennessee, I visited a place where everything is bigger. And better! TEXASSS!!!

I made the trip to see my best friend [and former roomie] Ali! She made the big move a little over a month ago and I spent last weekend with her exploring her new city, Dallas!

The first thing I want to blog about is this place that we passed a few times and wondered out loud about. It was called Vino 100 and it looked semi abandoned during the day. 

Finally, Saturday evening rolled around and Ali and I were shooting around ideas about what we wanted to do for the night. She really wanted to take me to a Japanese restaurant by her house and I was pumped. But we both really wanted to do something before that... have a drink, an appetizer, sit on a porch with a glass of wine... SOMETHING!

I decided to google Vino 100 and boy was I PUMPED when the search results said that Vino 100 was a wine store during the day and a wine bar at night! With over 100 bottles of wine that are all UNDER $25, this was a clear case of fate. Also, you can buy a bottle, sit outside on the patio, listen to music and then take whatever wine is left home with you. It's amazing. Not that we'd ever have left over wine, but it's nice... just in case ;)

If all of this information wasn't amazing enough, I found out that all appetizers were 50% using my handy Scout Mob app!

It turned our $25 apps into $12.50! And they were incredible!

We had the most amazing cheese plate with goat cheese, havarti, and manchego. Also, we had yummy bread, crackers, and fruit :)

I loved the crab cakes but Ali wasn't a huge fan... more for meeee!

Ali wasn't a fan but she was a perv...

Nice one, T-bone.

The cool thing [well, one of the many cool things] about Vino 100 was the way the wine is set up. From left to right, it is set up to have the fruitier, lighter bodied wines to the left and they get heavier and more bitter to the right. The reds are on the left side of the store and the whites are on the right!

Also, they had certain wines that would be perfect for Thanksgiving dinner!

Some of the wines had a Turkey Tag. Niiice.

Don't judge the picture. It was a long day with a lot-o-shopping :)

Stay tuned for more entries from our Dallas/Uptown adventures!

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