Thursday, November 10, 2011

'Tis the Season

Hello, people! After a whirlwind weekend of catching up with old friends and moving back in with my parents, I am back [and very exhausted]. I'm here in Bowling Green, OH and it's just like Portland. Except it's a tiny town and there's nothing to do. Okay so the only similarity to Portland is that it's cold and rainy.

I realize that it's over a month away but I'm all for getting geared up for Christmas! I'm already looking for presents for my family, friends and the bf's family!

Thanks to Pinterest, I'm thinking I want to make some homemade gifts this year! I know I will at the very least be making homemade treats. Anybody have any good gift ideas? I'm going to get everything taken care of early this year. I am NOT going to be doing this at the last minute this year. Swear ;)

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  1. Such cute pics! I love christmas too!