Monday, May 21, 2012

Wedding Chatter

I have to admit something... I have been in full wedding mode ever since we got engaged! We said we were going to take a week and not talk about plans... NOPE. Once we started talking about it, it's like we can't stop! One thing that I haven't even thought about is...

I know, I know... I feel like less of a woman for not immediately thinking of what I'd like to wear walking down the aisle but I have plenty of time. I thought I'd use my little blog to display what I'm attracted to... observe ;)

Warning: I've got a theme going on with this post... Lace. Lace. LACE!

I'm attracted to stuff that would never look good on me.. go figure.

I saw this picture almost a year ago and just found out that this bride was married very close to where we're thinking of getting married!

Ahh love me some lace :)

Beachy lace!

That's all I've found so far.. any favorites? Send me pictures/pins my way :)

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