Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Big News..

Most of my followers are my friends so most people know about the big news but here it is...


Here's a picture right before it happened... he was acting so weird! :)

Gregg packed Margarita's for Cinco De Mayo!

Meet Robert, our wonderful gondola tour guide! And an integral part of the proposal!

Here's a picture of right after it happened... I am still in shock!

This is underneath one of the bridges we passed on our gondola ride. The rest of the signatures have been there for a while.. some before Hurricane Katrina!

Here's a picture of that sparkly thing I can't stop staring at on my left hand!

There are many more pictures from that magical day. We have the pictures of the actual proposal and I can not wait to share them. Thanks for all the texts, calls, tweets, facebook posts, etc... we are thrilled! Next up... planning a wedding! Wish me luck!