Monday, February 7, 2011

Reading Rainbow

I've been saying for a while now that I feel like I'm getting old. I don't go out like I used to and to be quite frank, I thoroughly enjoy staying in on the weekends. However, I'm about to partake in the ultimate "old lady" activity. Yep, read it here first kids: I'm in a book club.

I am the type of person who makes fun of book clubs. I got the email about the idea of starting a book club and you would have thought it was the best news I'd gotten all week. That's embarrassing. Our first book to read in about 6 weeks is 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo'.

Not sure if I can get through this book in 6 weeks. The last book I started reading was in September and I'm still on the second chapter. And everrrrryone said those stupid Twilight books were so easy to zip right through... yeah, it took me a year to finish the first one.

I'm actually excited to read this book and then discuss it over wine and cheese with my girlfriends. Although, if this book club thing is just a gateway drug to needle point and watching Murder She Wrote, I'm out.


  1. WOOOO HOOOO Leigh! You're going to love the book! I'm on the last one of the series (there's 3). I will tell you this, it is SO slow for the first 115 pages but right when you hit the 115 mark it gets SO good!! I couldn't put them down! I love that you're in a book club, I wish I was in one haha I'm a nerd, but I found a blog book club I'm doing! Good enough for me!!

  2. I'll let you know how it goes Nichole!! Thanks for the insight! I would have probably quit if you hadn't told me about the 115 mark!