Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Maine Event

When I told people I was going to Maine, I got a plethora of responses. They ranged from "That sucks, you're going to freeze your ass off" to "Sweet, get some lobster". While it is cold and Maine is known for its amazingly fresh and actually affordable lobster, there's soooo much more to Portland, Maine. This is a FOOD town. If you're looking for amazing food, look no further.

I first realized how big of a "foodie" town Portland is when I was online searching for restaurants. There are a million to choose from and reviews are extensive. I finally decided to ask around and go to some of my local friend's favorite restaurants. Trust me, these locals know what they're talking about.

 Kon Asian Bistro was seriously amazing. The atmosphere was super swanky and the food was so good!
 AHHH Blackened Tuna with Wasabi Mayo. I am in LOVE and I will go back just for this.
 California Roll... AMAZEBALLS

Miss Portland Diner is so stinkin' cute and it's right beside our property, Bayside Village, so yeaaaah, I've been three times.
Their Clam Chowder is to DIE... I'm a repeat offender.
I also got their Eggs Benny this weekend but of course, I ate it before I could take a picture. Looked like your standard Eggs Benny. Paintchur self a mental picture.
Everyone told me to get a Lobster Roll so I did! I wasn't impressed so I won't mention where I was. I haven't given up though, I'll be back in Maine for two more weeks and I'll give it another shot :)
And here's a picture of a beautiful lighthouse in South Portland. Not only was the setting so calm and beautiful, it was such an amazing drive to get here.

MAINE = AWESOME. I'm heading to Nashville on Friday and then I'll be back to Portland for 2 weeks. Then I'm off to see mah maaan in Florida!

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