Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Old Fashioned Bachelorette Invitations!

Hola party people! There's something about the bachelorette party that gets people going... since we've been out of college for some time now, it's a way to go back to our partying roots for a weekend with our ladies. Sure, it takes a week to prepare [vitamins, water, etc] and it definitely takes that long to recuperate [am I the only one who has no tolerance anymore?] However, it is so worth it!

I made a bachelorette invitation for my friend Lisa and I have to say... this thing is CUTE! It's got an old fashioned feel with some new spunkiness to it! I was inspired by a bunch of different invitations I saw on pinterest and I love how everything came together!

Wish you could see the borders better... but you get the picture :) thoughts?!

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