Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Birthday Fun!

Monday is usually a pretty lame day but this Monday was my birthday! I decided that my main goal for my birthday was for it to not feel like a Monday. And... I was successful! It was such a great day and I really felt the love from my friends and family!

My friend Leslie is in town with her family and it's been so great to see her! We met up for dinner on Sunday and it was fab! It's pretty great living in a vacation spot... people are always coming down!

I had such a fun and relaxing Monday! I worked in the morning and then had lunch with a friend, laid out, read some of my book, and then some more friends came over and brought me cake! 

Also, some very special people sent me flowers! Amber & Gregg sent me these and I just love them!! Everyone needs flowers on their birthday :)

I bought myself a little something for my birthday and I'm obsessed! I bought it last week but I finally put one of our engagement pictures in there and put it on the wall. Love it!

I'm so grateful for my supportive friends and family. I have so many people that are there just to listen and be a friend and it's something that I truly cherish. I hope I'm as good of a friend/future wife/sister/daughter/etc as my friends and fam are to me. I feel like such a lucky broad!!

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