Sunday, December 18, 2011

Party in your PJs!

Party in your pjs in the best Christmas party to have. It was the most comfy and laid back party ever. The only problem is that you're not wearing jeans or a tight dress so you tend to eat and drink as much as you can handle. The elastic waist band did not help with the overindulging.

I felt like this guy on Sunday.

Check out some of the treats we made for the party!
I made bacon wrapped pineapple shrimp last night and it was so good. It didn't look as pretty as this picture but you get the idea. A hit with the guys!

I have no idea what this was.. pretty though, eh?

Stinkin' cute reindeer cupcakes!

Buffalo chicken bites. I will be making these in the future.. so amazing! I just have to get the recipe from Lacey first :)

Rum punch

We decided instead of doing dirty santa or buying presents for each other, we would all buy gifts for an Angel from Danielle's school.

Sweet Uggs :)

This little girl is going to have a fabulous Christmas! 

PJ Party!!!

Partying in pj's is by far the best.

Me with sweet Hudson.. and a glass of wine :)

Freshman dorm reunion!

Party at Dan's! So glad you bought a house and that we're temporary neighbors! We have to do this every year!

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  1. i love this post. I found the recipe on Pinterest- search Buffalo Chicken Bites. So easy and so so yummy!