Thursday, December 22, 2011

Cork Wine & Martini Bar

After weeks of traveling and little exploring, I finally decided to get out and explore this little town! I'm in Hattiesburg, MS this week and I believe I stumbled upon a little gem here. It's called Cork Wine & Martini bar and it is my new spot, people. There are cute little couches, big tables and an awesome bar. What more do you need??

Here is a link to their menu... but they were out of almost everything. So I ended up eating this bad boy....

Yep, I ate something called Crawfish Pie. It was actually amazing! It was like New Orleans style comfort food.

Oooh I'm so hipster and artsy. I thought the wine/martini glasses hanging were pretty cool.

I spent a lot of time in Portland, OR so I'm partial to the wines that come from Willamette Valley. And let me tell you, the King Estate Pinot Gris was unbelievable. I've kind of been off white wines lately... I'm a red lady. But not last night... I'm buying a case of this for my family for Christmas.

Safe travels this week! I'm so excited to see my family and just relax for a bit. I miss ole Greggy but he'll be back in less than a month!!! That's enough of a reason to celebrate!

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