Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Columbia, SC!

Ok, I’ve officially learned that I know EXACTLY what I need in a hotel. WIRELESS. I at least need to have an Ethernet cord that reaches farther than 2 feet. I am blaming my lack on blogging while in Columbia on not having wireless. But DON’T WORRY, my sweet little followers, I’ll be blogging your face off at the next assignment.

To fill you in on the past two weeks, I’ve been in Columbia, SC. Thank the LORD that Pammie lives here! It’s been so great to catch up and see an old friend! We had a wine night on my first night here and then went out to dinner at this great little place called Gervais & Vine.

It’s in an area called the Vista and it’s pretty swanky. I’ve heard about the two big spots that people frequent in this town and it’s The Vista and 5 Points. Apparently 5 Points is where the college kids hang out and the Vista is where young professionals kick it. Pammie is taking me to 5 Points tonight so I’ll let you know what I think!

While I was in Columbia, I took a mini-roadtrip to visit my friends in the Low Country! Next, I’ll paint you a picture of my amazing weekend in CHARLESTON!

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